12/10 Armchair activism

Here are some online petitions! All you have to do is fill out your name and email (and address for a few of them, but that’s kept confidential). If you have a change.org login, it automatically fills out all your personal information. Couldn’t be any easier.

Justice for dogs neglected at Ohio dog pound

Stop the New Jersey Bear Hunt

Stop Iceland Whale Slaughter

Sea Otter Recovery Research

Prevent next oil disaster

Pass the primate safety act

Update child nutrition standards (the standards used are from 1966)

Help children with learning disabilities

Switch McDonald’s to cage free eggs

Ask Nordstrom’s to stop selling fur

Tell Israel to stop using battery cages

Tell New Jersey to make it a crime to commit animal cruelty in front of kids (it isn’t already?)

Ban wildlife pens in Indiana (a form of canned hunting)

Protest anti-wolf legislation (for the millionth time)

Don’t let US tax dollars fund child sex slavery in Afghanistan (disgusting)

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One Response to 12/10 Armchair activism

  1. Gina says:

    The following don’t work:
    “prevent next oil disaster”
    “pass the primate safety act”
    “help children with learning disabilities” – the time period for signing ended
    http://animals.change.org/petitions/view/new_jersey_make_it_a_crime_to_commit_animal_cruelty_in_front_of_kids – should be the link to that one, it looks like you linked the page it directs you to after you already signed it.

    All the rest worked! It looks like you found a lot of good petitions!

    I never hear about what happens with petitions after I sign them… Do you have good stories to share about ones you’ve signed in the past?

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