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What is veganism?

Thanks to my vegan agent, Lynn Pauly, the co-director of Alliance for Animals, I’ve given two talks on veganism over the past month. Of course, I talk about veganism non-stop, so it wasn’t hard to find material for the talks. … Continue reading

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Activism and the internet

I joined twitter yesterday. I thought I’d hate it, but actually I love it – what a wonderful way to share a ton of links quickly and easily! Between twitter, facebook, wordpress, and my new tumblr, I have a lot … Continue reading

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Five things on my mind

In backwards order: 5. Secretly non-vegan items. I just read today that cigarettes might not be vegan. I don’t smoke, but it’s just another example of how much our society depends on animal exploitation. I remember how amazed I was … Continue reading

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December 10th is Human Rights Day

A day to reflect on how fragile and unevenly distributed the rights that we take for granted really are. I’d never read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights before. I don’t think I’d even heard of it. And after I … Continue reading

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12/10 Armchair activism

Here are some online petitions! All you have to do is fill out your name and email (and address for a few of them, but that’s kept confidential). If you have a login, it automatically fills out all your … Continue reading

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I never thought I would side with Sarah Palin on anything

Apparently, Sarah Palin shot a caribou on her show, and now everybody is outraged. There is reason for outrage, of course, against any act of violence towards animals. And it’s reassuring to know that people do, sometimes, care about animals … Continue reading

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Farewell for now, Powered by Produce

One of my favorite bloggers (Angie, from Powered by Produce) just signed off, and I was so touched by her farewell message. I included the most moving parts below. Read the message in its entirety here. * * * I … Continue reading

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