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What is veganism?

Thanks to my vegan agent, Lynn Pauly, the co-director of Alliance for Animals, I’ve given two talks on veganism over the past month. Of course, I talk about veganism non-stop, so it wasn’t hard to find material for the talks. … Continue reading

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Activism and the internet

I joined twitter yesterday. I thought I’d hate it, but actually I love it – what a wonderful way to share a ton of links quickly and easily! Between twitter, facebook, wordpress, and my new tumblr, I have a lot … Continue reading

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Five things on my mind

In backwards order: 5. Secretly non-vegan items. I just read today that cigarettes might not be vegan. I don’t smoke, but it’s just another example of how much our society depends on animal exploitation. I remember how amazed I was … Continue reading

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12/10 Armchair activism

Here are some online petitions! All you have to do is fill out your name and email (and address for a few of them, but that’s kept confidential). If you have a login, it automatically fills out all your … Continue reading

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